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Trade and Development

Sharing frontier research in international trade and development

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The Geneva Trade and Development Workshop (GTDW) is a joint seminar series of the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM), the Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Starting in 2020, we partnered with the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) to host some of the GTDW sessions online. 


Schedule - Spring 2024

27 Feb. 2024

Esther Boler.webp

Esther Ann Bøler

Imperial College London

Shock Therapy for a Greener Future: The Dynamics of Firms' R&D Investments

 joint with Katinka Holtsmark and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe

04 Mar. 2024

Thibault Fally.jpg

Thibault Fally

UC Berkeley

Consumer Demand with Price Aggregators

 joint with Ethan Ligon

12 Mar. 2024

Natalie Chen.jpg

Natalie Chen

University of Warwick

Trade Diversion and Labor Market Outcomes

25 Mar. 2024

Maggie Chen.jpg

Maggie Chen

George Washington University

Omnia Juncta in Uno: Foreign Powers and Trademark Protection in Shanghai's Concession Era

joint with Laura Alfaro, Cathy Bao, Junjie Hong and Claudia Steinwender

09 Apr. 2024

Martina Kirchberger_edited.jpg

Martina Kirchberger

Trinity College Dublin

High-Frequency Human Mobility in Three African Countries

joint with Paul Blanchard and Douglas Gollin

16 Apr. 2024

Claudia Steinwender_edited.jpg

Claudia Steinwender

Ludwig Maximilian University

Who Stands on the Shoulders of Chinese (Scientific) Giants? Evidence from Chemistry

joint with Shumin Qiu and Pierre Azoulay

22 Apr. 2024

Mathias Thoenig.jpg

Mathias Thoenig

University of Lausanne

Trade Policy in the Shadow of Conflict: A Quantitative Toolkit for Geoeconomics

13 May 2024

Gene Grossman.jpg

Gene Grossman

Princeton University

Optimal Resilience in Multi-Tier Supply Chains

joint with Elhanan Helpman and Alejandro Sabal

Fall 2023

18 Sep. 2023

Ezra Oberfield_edited.jpg

Ezra Oberfield

Princeton University

Growth and the Fragmentation of Production

 joint with Johannes Boehm

31 Oct. 2023


Dennis Novy

University of Warwick

Urban-Biased Structural Change

joint with Natalie Chen, Carlo Perroni and Horng Chern Wong

14 Nov. 2023

Jan David Bakker.webp

Jan David Bakker

Bocconi University

Cities, Heterogeneous Firms and Trade

joint with Alvaro Garcia-Marin, Andrei Potlogea, Nico Voigtländer and Yang Yang

24 Nov.2023

Pamela Bombarda.jpg

Pamela Bombarda

CY Cergy - Paris Université

Input-Trade Liberalization and Formal Employment: Evidence from Mexico

joint with Maria Bas

28 Nov. 2023

Dr John Morrow.webp

John Morrow

King's College London

Firms in Product Space: Adoption, Growth and Competition

joint with Luca Macedoni and Vlad Tyazhelnikov

Spring 2023

28 Feb. 2023


Adrien Bilal

Harvard University

Outsourcing, Inequality and Aggregate Output

joint with Hugo Lhuillier

03 Apr. 2023


Pierre-Louis Vézina

King's College London

Trade Policy and Jobs: Trump's Trade War as a Shock on Vietnam

joint with Lorenzon Rotunno, Sanchari Roy and Anri Sakakibara

17 Apr. 2023


Peter Egger

ETH Zürich

How Uncertainty Shapes the Spatial Economy?

joint with Katharina Erhardt and Davide Surevato

Organisers of the Current Edition

GTDW Scientific Committee

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